Let us state once again -

We are not incouraging anyone to break any laws in any country, State or municipality.

If you would like to legitimize your medicine and how you treat your illnesses, we will be glad to help you obtain your Oregon MMJ card.

The Oregon card is recognized in: Arizona, Montana, Michigan, Rhode Island, Massachusits and Washington DC.


Please fill out the forms at the following links, make copies and fax to 503-235-0120 to register then notify herbfreedom@gmail.com let us know if you want to go to Oregon or see a doctor here in Wisconsin, (once we have 50 people registered we can get a doctor to come here and issue cards ). We will then issue a Herb Freedom number for you.

These are links to the forms that you will need to fill out:

1. Medical release cover sheet:

This is just a cover sheet to help track your progress through this process.


2. Doctor's Release Form:

This form is to allow the Oregon doctors access to your medical records.



Dr: $180

Card: $200

Total: $380 - (This is the current cost of obtaining an Oregon MMJ card if done there or in Wisconsin.)